Elegant DSB Disposable Unisex Razor For Personal Care


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Safe and hygienic, remove unwanted hairs, easy to carry, instant smooth skin, high performance grade plastic razor, stainless steel, platinum, Teflon coated blade, worry less shaving, silk smooth shave, under wet & dry condition, congestion free, affirm grip, contours, comfort, skin safe, widest blade for maximum coverage each stock.

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Hoag’s Disposable Skin Razor: These Razors Work Smooth And Easy On Legs, Arms, Underarm, Back, Bikini Area And Other Private Areas To Leave You With A Smooth And Soft Skin. Not Recommended For Removing The Beard Or Facial Hair. The Wider Viewing Window Provides An Unfettered View Of The Area Under Prep. Suitable For both Men and Women.

Product Performance: Silk Smooth Shave, under wet & dry condition, congestion free, affirm grip, contours comfort, skin safe, widest blade for maximum coverage at each stroke.

Safety: No necked edges, Across the width & at both end of the Blade, offers worry less shaving. Plastic Composition / Material : High Performance Grade of Engineering Plastic’s in Product Construction.

Blade Quality: Blade Edge Sharpness & Angle Tested and Verified, ensuring no dents and nicks in the sharpness.

Razor Blade Material: Stainless Steel, High Carbon, Platinum, Teflon Coated and High HRC. The Laser-Sharp Stainless Steel Blade With Platinum Edge & Teflon Coated Body Razor Comes With An Evolved Innovation, Stainless Steel Cutting Edge Delivers A Clean Prep Area, Guards Your Skin Throughout Every Stroke, Helping To Reduce Irritation While Providing Ultimate Closeness In A Single Pass, Without The Risk Of Cuts Or Nicks.

Travel Convenience: Use A Razor Every day Morning When You Go on a Trip or for Daily Comfortable Use, Without the Hassle of Changing Blades with the Cost-Effective Packs Available. Can Be Used Anytime And Anywhere. Best For Travelers Size Razors are easy in use.

PRECISE AND SAFE – Say No to the pain of threading and waxing. This razor will safely shave away fine hair with precision and safety SFINC Evior Razor is beautifully designed for removing any unwanted hair.

STAINLESS STEEL BLADE – The steel blade resists bacterial growth, thus, avoiding incidents of infection and acne. Softens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

NO INGROWN HAIR – Since the razor cuts the head of the hair shaft, the chance of ingrown is minimal. Better Skincare: Gently exfoliates dead skin, allowing deeper & better penetration of skincare products Life is too short to wait for a wax appointment again.

Discover HOAG’S Soft Touch range of shaving and grooming products specially designed for women. Treat yourself to hair-free, smooth, and younger-looking skin every day! You don’t have to wait for the hair to grow to get waxing done! This hair is technically known as vellums hair and is totally different than the dark, thick terminal hair, which grows on our heads, underarms and pubic area. Vellus hair doesn’t grow back stubbly. It is physiologically impossible. Designed as a razor for women, HOAG’S glides smoothly along your curves and leaves with you smooth HOAG’S skin. against the direction of hair growth and then wash and apply your favorite moisturizer! (depending on usage – basis full body hair removal once a week), post which you can purchase the pack. This hair remover can be used by any man/woman/girl on arms, under arms, legs and full body including the sensitive bikini area. Razor is a great way to Remove hair as well as Exfoliate and Brighten your skin Easy and Safe Usage: – Gently glide razor to remove facial hair from desired areas – Replace safety cover back on when not in use

Elegant DSB Disposable Unisex Razor For Personal Care

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